Essay on IBM Transformation & the Influence of Big Data

Essay on IBM Transformation & the Influence of Big Data

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Big Data is changing the arena for big businesses. Big Data is the technology trend that has made it possible for businesses to better understand their markets. Big Data is the new natural resource, the new “oil.”
International Business Machines, or IBM, saw this trend and moved their company away from hardware and into software and services, following the money. It is because IBM is so adaptive that it has lasted for over a hundred years. IBM is constantly evolving, growing, and changing.
Around a hundred and two years ago, IBM began as a tabulating company, producing super computers. It then moved into the PC market, selling commercial computers to the masses. This PC market is now being replaced through destructive innovation by the tablet market. IBM realized this and sold their PC markets and moved onto different endeavors.
Today, IBM exists in 172 countries and employs 400,072 employees. IBM focuses mostly on developing software solutions and services, servers, public sectors, and research. Their company is now prospering, bringing in a hundred billion dollars in revenu...

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