I Would Sacrifice Everything For You ! Essay

I Would Sacrifice Everything For You ! Essay

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I Would Sacrifice Everything for You!
(Three Messages from Federico 's Falcon)

I would sacrifice everything for you...Just Kidding! Ha, fooled you, huh? As if I believe that you are actually going to stay with me for me to actually believe that I am willing to sacrifice for you! Ha, Never! This is my most precious baby, my everything, as if I would just sacrifice him for the likes of you! Never! Now, Leave and please, don’t ever come back. Harsh, so harsh, but I guess you never knew real love huh? If you’re really in love, wouldn’t you sacrifice everything for them? Federico did, for the woman who took everything from him, and made him live on a farm, in poverty. He loved this every beautiful, rich woman and he sacrificed everything for her, even when he was in poverty. But, did she ever take notice? Not till she found out what he fed her, oh, no. It took her forever, to see what he did for her and see how much he loved her. He sacrificed everything for her, his falcon, his money, and his rank in the economy, and not till after she had breakfast with him did she notice all that he was doing for her.
Firstly, Federico sacrificed his money for the woman he loved. Would I do something like that? Most likely not, unless, like Federico, I was head over heels in love with another. But, even after he sacrificed all his money for this woman, she took no notice, because, she was already married to another man. Even when he bought her lovely, expensive gifts, she didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he did of that he ever existed. But, as a fool in love he never gave up to please her with gifts, he kept trying and trying to win her affection, but it was all in vain, and his money pit ran dry. What a sad, sad day for Federico, having spe...

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...w he sacrificed his money, economic rank, and his beautiful, loyal Falcon. He sacrificed all his money on gifts and trinkets for a woman that never looked his way. He sacrificed his economic rank when he lost all of his money because of the woman he loved and had to resort to poverty on his farm. Lastly, he sacrificed his Falcon for breakfast for the woman he loved because he had nothing to offer her for breakfast, because she made him go into poverty and lost his economic rank. All of this was for love, and in the end she married him, but only because he sacrificed everything for this woman. If he wouldn’t have he would have never gotten her, but do you agree with him sacrificing everything for this woman? Do you think that it was foolish that he did? Should he have just left her alone and never bothered with her in the first place? What do you think about all this?

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