Essay about I Work At Blue High School

Essay about I Work At Blue High School

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I work at Blue High School. The name of the school and students involved have been changed to protect confidentiality. This is my fifth year employed by the school. Blue is located in a fairly rural area of Chesapeake, Virginia with a few sporadic suburban communities. The students who attend the school are a mixture of social classes; still, most come from families who live a “comfortable” lifestyle where wants and needs are provided rather easily. The student population is roughly 90% Caucasian and 10% other to include African American, Hispanic and Asian. Also, gender is somewhat equally divided (, 2015).
The school follows a 4x4 schedule. Students take four classes each fall and spring semester for a total of eight for the school year. Each block is 90 minutes in length. Most classes are attended every day with the exception of a few such as band, orchestra and some math courses. For the course I teach, biology, I see my students each day during the semester. Most of my students are tenth graders. With the new implementation of graduation requirements for science, I have begun to see a sprinkle of freshman. I usually come across a junior or senior only if they have failed the course or are new to the school system and have yet to fulfill their biology requirement. Though, the course is taught to cover biology from a molecular level to a whole an organism perspective, most of the course is spent at the molecular and cellular level topics.
Each year, I teach three honors and three general academic biology classes. In the most recent semester, I had two honors and one general academic. My student population did not include many IEP or 504 accommodations. I had 8 students with accommodations in the most re...

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... investigate into their own daily classroom settings and make changes based on the research they performed to enhance student learning. In this case, via student inquiry.
The second literature review was based on a study on the impact of a student inquiry approach to teaching science to student with learning disabilities in an elementary setting. The research conducted here emphasized the need for LD students to become engaged in science in a meaningful manner at an early stage in their school career to prevent negative attitude and struggles in science as they progress through middle and high school.
A school in the southeastern portion of the United States was chosen. This school’s student population is over 90% white. Many of the students are economically disadvantaged with many receiving free or reduced lunches. For this study, five LD students were chosen.

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