I Will Not Be Math At The Same Level As All Of My Friends Essays

I Will Not Be Math At The Same Level As All Of My Friends Essays

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I am sitting on a swivel chair in my bedroom. The late afternoon summer sunshine streams in through half-opened windows, casting long shadows on the walls. I breathe in the sweet smell of honeysuckle that fills the room from my mother’s flower garden outside as a breeze blows through my hair. Somewhere in the distance, I hear a bird singing.

With my school chromebook perched on my lap, I log in to the Genesis website and eagerly click on ‘Scheduling’ to see my math class placement for the upcoming 2014-15 semester. I take one look at the page, and freeze. My blood runs cold.

There on the page, it reads, “MATH ADV 7.” Dread courses through my body, and my mouth fills with a bitter taste. For a few seconds, the truth is inconceivable: I will not be in Algebra next year. I will not be studying math at the same level as all of my friends. I will not be recognized any longer by my peers as the diligent, conscientious student that I had always been. What will they think of me? Who will I become?

Oh, well. I guess that I can’t have everything. In fact, on top of being on a swim team, ...

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