Essay about I Will Fund My Exhibit Through Donations And Sales

Essay about I Will Fund My Exhibit Through Donations And Sales

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I will fund my exhibit through donations and sales. I would reach out to the community, explain my exhibit and ask for donations, but I would primarily generate revenue through selling items related to the exhibit like prints of the works being shown, creative posters, key chains, t-shirts and other mementos. Additionally, I would have bake sales and fairs and other activities of a similar nature.

I would keep my exhibit local. Tucson may not be huge, but it is home to a diverse group of people with different thoughts, feeling, and opinions, and Tucson is a community that celebrates those differences and wants to use them to bring people closer together through celebrations such as the many cultural festivals that take place throughout the year. Furthermore, while Tucson may not be where I am from originally, I has become a home and huge part of my life and it’s the ideal place to house an exhibit that celebrates life and all the different ways we live it than a city and community that feels the same way.

The theme of my exhibit would be the experience we go through in life expressed through art. In other words, my exhibit would showcase pieces of art that express life and how we live and experience it in some way, shape or form. Art pieces with cultural significance, deep meanings, or ones created by artist none for their deep personal turmoil that they expressed through their creations would be at the center of this exhibit. I picked this theme because not only is it a personal favorite, but I considered it to be a theme that produces some of the most beautiful and fascinating pieces of artwork. Since being in this class I’ve learned that in order to appreciate art fully, the audience must exposed to the context surround it. ...

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...f an illustration you’d expect to find in a biology textbook) and lastly the cultural significance of marshes, as ancient Egyptians believed that they symbolized life and rebirth.

Anyone and everyone would be welcome to explore the exhibit, but my target audience would be teenagers and young adults. I can say from personal experience that that as a young adult I‘ve done more self-reflection now than I ever have, I’ve spent a lot of time wonder about who I am, who I’m going to be, and the path I’m currently headed down and I’m sure a lot of other youths slowing transitioning into adulthood can relate, so an art exhibit dedicated to what we experience as humans simply living our lives might resonate more deeply with them than other age demographics. However, as previously stated it ultimately doesn’t matter, I think everyone can find some form of art to appreciate.

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