I Will Be Defending The Earth 's Current Population Essay

I Will Be Defending The Earth 's Current Population Essay

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Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years, progressing through several eras and phases. However, questions have begun to appear, with questions if the “Earth is Overpopulated?”, if “With the Earth’s Current Population, will it be capable of maintaining life at a sustainable level? (Heaton)”, and if the Earth is at risk at running out of Resources at the rate we’re consuming them? My answer to all these questions is no, that although the population is currently at 7 billion people, it is not at a point where it could be considered to be overpopulated, and it is not a point where the Earth cannot sustain humans with its resources.
In this essay, I will be defending the indefensible idea that we should not care about what happens to our Earth, not only will I present contrasting ideas, but I will utilize these contrasting ideas to empower the arguments, points, and ideas that I will present that support the opinion that what is done to the Earth is none of our concern. Also, I will be focusing strictly on the concerns expressed by scientists about overpopulation, and I will be presenting ideas about overpopulation from authors such as, Natalie Wolchover, Andrew Heaton, and James Hallaway.
Overpopulation is the concept that Earth has reached a population level that will not allow it to maintain life at a sustainable level, with overpopulation causing an increased demand in food and natural resources. However, this demand would not be able to be met because “the Earth cannot produce nor provide the resources that is required by demanding population of over 7 billion people (Network).”
However, the idea, that Earth is overpopulated, was questioned by Natalie Wolchover, who claims that “although the population of 7 billion people ...

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... 10 billion people. It would not be able to surpass a population of 10 billion people because once the carrying capacity is surpassed, the resources will not be sufficient to continue supporting this population, allowing natural selection to take over. Natural selection allows those who are more suited to survive with limited resources to live and those who aren’t suited to die. Also, energy insatiability would also not be a concern because new alternatives will always be encountered and experimented. Before humans know it, oil and coal will be history, literally! Lastly, Earth’s resources are abundant and limited resources should not be a concern because “the stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones,” these primitive humans simply found a new alternative; such as the current generation of humans will continue to find new alternatives as well (Hallaway).”

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