I Will Always Lead By Example Essay

I Will Always Lead By Example Essay

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I will always lead by example.
As a principal I believe it is important to lead by example. Staff members look up to the principal for guidance, ranging from how to respond to conflict, to how to dress on a typical school day. It is important for the principal to act in a way that she would want her staff members to. During professional development, I will present information to the staff in a way that they would want it presented to students. I would give teachers grace when they make mistakes because that is what I would want them to do with kids. Leading by example set the tone for how I want others to interact by the way they interact with me.

I will always do what is best for kids.
Emily Cross’ quote rings though my head in almost every decision I make, “Is this what is best for adults or kids?” I will always choose the decision that is best for kids. Kids should be our number one priority. Doing what is best for kids should drive every decision that we make. This summer doing my internship, I was trying to decide if I should send the PE teacher home or should I relocate her to the Emotionally Disturbed Behavior Disorder (EDBD) room. If I relocated her, then the EDBD room would have more helping hands, but If I let her go then the district would save money. I asked myself, “what is best for kids”, and decided to have her go work in the EDBD room. In every decision, I will ask myself, is this what is best for kids?

I will always be available for my staff.
This is something that I have learned through a silver lining. I have a principal now that is never available. If you schedule a meeting, she will cancel. If she plans an assembly, she will be late. If there is an emergency with a student, she sends someone else. I pr...

... middle of paper ...

... like I would want my teachers to ask for help, I should do the same. A school cannot be run by one individual. There are too many things to remember, it just wouldn’t be possible for me to do it all. This summer I caught myself trying to do everything because I didn’t know what my role was. I soon figured out that it is not possible for me to take on the whole school. My secretary and teacher leaders are lifesavers. It takes a village to run a school.

I will never forget why I started
I started teaching because I love kids. I want to be a principal for that same reason. I want to impact as many lives as I can and being a principal, I believe that I can impact more. It is important to never forget why you started because that is the arrow that points you in the right direction. There will be hard days and on those hard days I will never forget why I do what I do.

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