Essay about I Were My New Dream / And You Were Mine

Essay about I Were My New Dream / And You Were Mine

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"You were my new dream//and you were mine". The film Tangled was one of the most well made films in history due to its use of camera techniques to convey more than the actor/actresses can say. The directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard 's techniques made the film unforgettable. In addition, the actor/actresses Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy and Ron Perlman brought it to life with their acting. It was a film with everything people love from romance to humor to good life lessons. It did what any good film does make you forget your troubles and escape reality for a certain amount of time. The film Tangled through its use of techniques such as establishing shot, medium shot, tracking shot, aerial shot, swish pan, reverse angle, low angle, match cut, and point of view evoke a sense of excitement and wonder from the audience.
Picture this; a tracking shot following a rowing boat with a handsome man and a tragically beautiful princess and out of no where lighted lanterns start engulfing the sky. The sky is full of these bright lanterns. The once dark waters are set on fire with light. A once gloomy life is sparked into brightness. The tracking shot introduces this new setting. It gives us a detailed look at the boat on the river. In addition, it showed us where our characters have ventured off to. It may have been just a basic river and boat but the theme of love made it seem like more. The tracking shot shows us how love makes even the basic things of nature look like the greatest adventure. It also gives us a look at how love is like the river; you row through rough currents/times and smooth currents/times. The tracking shot evokes the sense of wonder in us because we 're following this couple of there new adventure and...

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...itting on the edge of our seats waiting for the next scenes event to unfold. We 're excited for the new scene and all the romance, drama and adventure it brings. Our heads feel like they 're going to explode from all the questions inside them.
The film Tangled is far from the usual love stories. It isn 't about how a boy saves the day or how a girl saves the day. Instead it is about how love saves the day. The directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard 's techniques such as establishing shot, medium shot, tracking shot, aerial shot, swish pan, reverse angle, low angle, match cut, and point of view to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement from us. For once in a fairy tale you don’t need no prince charming to save you. Rapunzel 's life was once dark and lonely but love brought a whole new light onto her life. In the end, "Everything is different now that I see you".

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