Essay on I Watched Was Real Housewife Of New York

Essay on I Watched Was Real Housewife Of New York

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1. Last television show I watched was Real Housewife of New York. In this show they constantly have conflicts, but there was one specific issue that I remember. The conflict was between cast member Romana and Kristen. In short, Ramona had an issue with Kristen because she felt Kristen was insensitive towards Bethany, who is going through nasty divorce. The whole crew is planning a vacation, but Bethany is having issues with travel dates. They met at a photo shoot, and Kristen addressed the question of who is going to the trip, and Bethany got very upset. Later, Ramona decided to approach Kristen and let her know that she should be more considerate about Bethany’s situation. Although, Ramona approached Kristen aggressively and called her stupid for not realizing what Bethany is going through. However, Kristen stayed collected, she emphasized she did not know what is going on and was bafeled by the attack. The conflict ended with Kristen leaving and Roman looked like she was right. Power is the competency to dominate or increase the likelihood of accomplishing his/hers goals (Topic 1.1). In the event of conflict, the power aspect arises, and has major influence on the outcome. In this case, Ramona had informational power, as she is a good friend with Bethany, and knows more details about the divorce situation. Informational power comes from individuals capability to derive from a person’s ability acquire information and compartalize it so it would back up his/her positions or goals (Topic 1.1). Notably, Kristen did not have such close relationship with Bethany, and she did not know what was going on in her life, due to that she did not have power in this argument. Based on my observation, Ramona applied direct power ,as she has be...

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...cation, that can create miscommunication and perceptual error. For instance, she is from Ukraine and he is from America, he wants to be main caregiver to their baby, where she sees that unreasonable as she is a mother. In Ukrainian culture mother is the primary caregiver for a child when people separate. Also, I felt she opened up more and gave me more details on the circustances, which created a better picture of the situation. In the past I was just giving her advise and not truly listening to her, but now I beginging to understand her. Therefore, once individual sees they are being really heard and understood they see the opportunity to freely express themselves (Topic 2.1). I have learned from this experience that, often people just want to be heard without any judgment or advise, which creates the environment for effective communication or conflict resolution.

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