I Was The Best Child Essay

I Was The Best Child Essay

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How many of you can say you were a well behaved child? I wouldn 't say I was the best
child. I was failing classes , arguing with my step dad , and overall not behaving the way a fourteen year old should be. My mom would always come into my room telling me all of these things about military school , she would even print out the brochures. I would look at her and laugh it off. I didn 't think she would actually go through with it , but one day , I remember this day as if it were yesterday. I just finished arguing with my step dad and stormed off into my room. My mom came in and she basically told me she was sending me to a military school , and that I would be leaving next month. I was so shocked. I wanted to yell at her , and cry all at the same time . The only thing that kept running through my mind was how unfairly she reacted, but after everything all I have to do is thank her for sending me to one of the places I consider home. The New York Military Academy influenced me to be a better person , and without their care , motivation , and leadership I wouldn 't be who I’am today.

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