Essay about I Was Never Exposed At A College Prep Boarding School

Essay about I Was Never Exposed At A College Prep Boarding School

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I was never exposed to the finer possessions of life growing up. To have a conversation about money in my household, simply put was to talk about the items that could not afford. As a child, it was evident that my parents were not as wealthy as those of my classmates. My grandmother, born the daughter of two Caribbean immigrants, had work ethics built into her bones, and my grandfather a former military officer would do anything for their children. Neither of my grandparents had a chance to complete college, but they would except nothing less than a Bachelor’s degree from me. I was placed in private at the age of three and have attended private school all my life. I was enrolled in several extracurricular activities as well. Their only dream was for me to be able to achieve mine. My happiness was the most important thing to them, and vice versa.
At the age of fourteen, began attending a college prep boarding school in Hardwick, Ma. This was the hardest strain on my parents. It was around this time that my class became very evident to me. Attending a school, for the children of the rich and wealthy was a very intimidating experience for me. I would be embarrassed when I would go for my fifteen-dollar allowance, and see that my friends would be getting fifty/sixty dollars each week. I felt insecure about going shopping with them, knowing that the stores they were used to shopping in were stores I had only dreamed of stepping foot in. I would look at the clothing I wore and become full of anger. I wanted what they had. When I would go out with my mom and her friends, I would see their children with the latest MCM bags and turn to her with a longing look in her eye. Her response would simply be “They didn’t have a tuition to pay.” I ...

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... that I longer attended school in the city, I had no excuse but to focus on my education. In my high school years, I found myself in the same cycle of “dumbing myself down for the people around me” but the only difference was that instead of letting me fail, my teachers would push me even harder. Education became a driving force in my life, however I still wasn’t sure if college was the right place for me. But, with all the sacrifices that my parents had made, I had no other choice. College was a given, but I was my choice where I went. I applying to MHC ED and brought back that fire in my eyes. I began to think that if I could do it anyone could. That became my dream, I wanted to show the generation of urbanite girls coming up that life was bigger than the big city and that no matter what people say with a little hard work you can achieve every one of their dreams.

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