Essay on I Was Never A Smart Kid

Essay on I Was Never A Smart Kid

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I was never a smart kid. I was in the special reading program in second and third grade, and barely passed fourth and fifth. In sixth grade, my first year of middle school, I failed history and English. I should 've been held back, but my family 's changing residential situation somehow prevented that fact from reaching my new middle school, and I was flung, unprepared into a new curriculum at a level I was completely unready for. Over the course of that horrible year I was tested several times to discover if I were dyslexic, I fought to make friends, and even more to keep up. Unfortunately, my struggles were in vain; I ended the year with a failing grade in every class, and a unanimous agreement from every one of my teachers that summer school would be a waste of time, I would be held back, to repeat the seventh grade. It was the principal of the school who referred my parents to the alternative school program.
The idea of Rivers Alternative Middle School was appalling to me. Not only because I knew that one of the boys who went there was a notorious bully, but because I had heard...

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