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I Was My Friend With The World Essays

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I was never one to have many friends. It’s been that way my whole life. Throughout all of elementary it was just my best friend Angela and I against the world. We were inseparable. She was that kind of friend that would go to war for you. This paper is not about her, though. It’s about her cousin, Joshua. He was a dorky little blonde boy, in rainbow pants with a base guitar. He was my middle school heart throb. We had been friends before, given my relationship to Angela, but never quite like in middle school. It was indeed a middle school relationship, so you could hardly call it passionate, but it was puppy love none the less. This was until he disappeared for two months without a word.
Naturally, we met through my best friend Angela when Joshua and his mother moved into her house after a stroke of bad luck. We were introduced to each other. This is called “initiating.” (McCornack 299) He gradually was incorporated into everything we did. We discovered that we both liked videogames, specifically classic Nintendo. We had similar taste in music and movies and both played woodwind instruments in the band. Small similarities like these continued to surface as we spent time together. This was our “experimenting” phase. (McCornack 299) We had a history class together in middle school and eventually, began spending more tome together than even Angela and I. He lived closer to me than Angela and we had a common class to study for so it seemed natural, until it didn’t anymore. We began to find excuses to be with each other. This is where the relation “intensified.” (McCornack 299) Eventually we just made is official. He asked me to be his “girlfriend” over a game of Bioshock about halfway through out seventh grade year of school. Here, ...

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... should have known it was over then. I do not date without being able to see myself with someone for the rest of my life and at that point, I couldn’t see it with him anymore. I know now about the most damaging kind of conflict, the demand-withdraw kind and I can now avoid that in my current relationship. Sam Vuchinich of The International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family states that a demand-withdraw conflict “…increases the intensity of the first partner 's demands, which leads to further withdrawal by the other. The result, of course, is that nothing is solved, one partner is increasingly frustrated and the other is pushed further into a noncommunicative state.” (Vuchinich) This is absolutely what happened to Josh and I, and I know now how to either, not be so demanding, or to work on a better solution at the first sign of a withdraw response from my partner.

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