Essay on I Want to Buy Real Food

Essay on I Want to Buy Real Food

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Americans now a day rely more on generic food because it taste quite the same as those original brand foods, and they also save money; however, it is also causing obesity due to them buying more unhealthy food for that extra money they have. Although not all generic food is necessarily fattening, sometimes that is the only type of food they could afford to buy because organic food is more expensive due to the type of brand or the superstore that they are being provided. I think that organic food should become more cheaper, instead of becoming only an option for those who are wealthy and have the money to spend on healthier food.
Due to the economic crisis people have been buying generic food (which is basically an imitation from the expensive food brands the supermarkets might also sale) at markets where the prices are great deals and the food taste almost the same. According to the consumerist, their consumer reports said that, “some generic items are just as tasty—and in some cases even yummier—than their labeled counterparts (Villarreal, Phil).
I personally do buy generic food; however, I only buy the one that I think would not taste bad and it is too expensive to buy it in the real brand. I am obviously concerned with the side effects of these generic brands, even though they might use almost the same products to make it taste the same. In an overall I don’t think is healthy to eat these types of products. Although not all people think alike, some of them will probably dispute my claim that generic food is bad. Though I concede that the generic food tastes good, I still insist that we should fight to lower the organic food cost to become more affordable. I know that some organic food prices vary due to their level o...

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...ple are more vulnerable or become more tempted to buy fast-food or generic food due to the lack of money to buy organic food.

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