I Want to Become a Forester Essay

I Want to Become a Forester Essay

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Foresters help to sustain private and public forests while managing the distribution of standing timber to different companies. I find this occupation very interesting because they manage important resources and protect important habitats. I became interested in this job when I learned about how huge the role forestry has in logging public and private forests. Without forestry to regulate logging companies forests could be stripped bare, and destroyed. Habitats would be ruined, animals would die, climates would change and without the replanting of trees eventually the timber industry would shut down. I want to become a forester to help make sure that ever happens. Many people don’t realize how important wood is to our society. It’s a forester job to know how important it is that humans conserve and protect the ecosystems around them, but also make sure that people will get that oh so important resource. I look forward to learning about how foresters do what they do, and what steps they took to get there.
I see myself working in this department because I love the outdoors and I find managing and protecting forests important and essential. Without logging there would be no wood products available for human use, and without forestry there’d be no limit on the consumption of forests. I chose to complete my job shadowing experience on forestry because I want to make a difference in the environment. Living in Jewell there are a lot of trees, and a lot of logging in the surrounding areas. I always wondered how loggers knew which type of trees and in what areas they were a loud to harvest. When I found out foresters played a major role in this I wanted to learn more. The part of forestry I’m most interested in is timber cruising and refor...

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...its to the taxing districts in Clatsop County and to the citizens of Oregon”.
Mr. Williams mentioned the area he grew up in, which just so happens to be Jewell. The same area I’ve grown up in. I’ve seen the beauty the forests here hold, and I look forward to someday possibly being able to manage the same forests Mr. Williams, a very experienced forester, regards as highly productive.
To be a forester is no walk in the park. Unless you’re working for a state or federal government, then you could be literally walking through and managing parks and forests. It’s important to be rather physically fit; trekking through underbrush isn’t always easy. After my research I’ve become even more interested in the forestry department. I look forward to completing twenty hours of job shadowing in the coming months and hope to learn even more about forestry and conservation work.

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