I Want to Be a Game Warden Essay

I Want to Be a Game Warden Essay

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How would life be with no laws? It would be chaos and then some. People would be running around like maniacs. Our civilization needs people to go and protect not only the people but also the wildlife. That person is the game warden. The game warden is their for the better good of the people. It is not fair for someone to obey the rules and then have a person cheat and not get caught. The game warden is to go out and make hunting and fishing fair for everyone. He or she is doing a good job if the people are feeling protected, and the animals have a fair chance against the hunters. This career is important to every aspect of life. It teaches people of morals or life lessons. The people need to be protected, and the game warden is that protector. This career has many jobs and can be a big responsibility. The United States needs more game wardens. This career has many responsibilities and requires motivated individuals.

The job of the game warden is very important. For instance, they have to protect the wildlife and serve as a specialty police officer. Unfortunately, there is a lot of land to cover for a game warden so they have to cover a lot of land. Also, wardens must enforce the laws involving our vast ecosystem as well. That could range from pollution laws all the way to disposal of trash. Typically, game wardens will spend their time patrolling assigned areas (“Summary” para.4). They will patrol these areas by many sources of transportation; boat, vehicle, foot, or even by airplane. This transportation is vital to a game warden because hunting and fishing laws can happen at any place. While most of the work is outdoors, the officers will have to file reports on accidents. In addition to giving tickets and warnings, game ...

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... are made for this occupation. The tasks along with the salary are all perfect for certain people. This job can be very stressful and dangerous. Everyone has their perfect scenario. Game wardens help keep the world safe while enjoying doing it.

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