Essay on I Want For A Dating App

Essay on I Want For A Dating App

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We “meet” on a dating app, however to be completely honest, I joined the app to meet new people in different states, preferably North Carolina and Indiana in the interest of wanting to move to either of the two states for University after I was finished with community college here in New York City, which is about a year or so away. My profile statement was something along these lines………..
“I would like to meet new people, both male and female. No, I am not gay or Bisexual, but I plan on moving to North Carolina or Indiana (leaning towards NC) in the next year or so and would like to meet people from those states.” With that being said, I guess it’s safe to say I wasn’t looking for like, love or a relationship.

We started talking, and within the same day you asked me for my number, because you “hate talking on this app”, so I gave it to you. From there we started texting; we would ask each other random questions with the hopes of getting to know each other and from there our conversations never seem to end, until one of us fell asleep while texting (mostly you/Gabriel). However we would always pick back up from where we left off the following night. Today is September 9th, 2015 (as I am writing this) and we haven’t gone a day without speaking to each other since August 27th, 2015 and I love every bit of it. The communication between us flows so well and you’re so caring, thoughtful and understand and not a day has gone by since August 27th 2015 that you haven’t made me smile, woken me up with a “Good Morning/Morning” text, complimented me, ask “How are you?” or “How is your day going?” or “How is school/class?” and I love and appreciate that about you, it shows that you have a genuine interest in me and the things that interest m...

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...will not, or simply don’t want to wait, please do not engage in daily conversation with me that may cause my feelings or rather our feelings to get stronger for each other. I know not when we will meet, but I know I would love to meet you and I’m willing to wait and save myself for you. And with both our schedules, you working full time and with me going to school full time and working part time, it is extremely hard for us or at least for me, to carve out time to come visit and I know you don’t want to come to NYC. I don’t know when we will meet; we can meet a few days from now, weeks, months or even a year from now when I finally. I just want to make sure you’re it for the long run.
Do wait, or don’t wait, there is no trying to wait.
If you know that you can’t wait for the maximum of a year, we probably should stop while ahead so neither of us gets hurt as much.

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