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“ I want a better life”, a thought that I’ve had in my mind since I was young and watched my parents struggle with bills and providing for my brother and I. We lost so much, our home, cars, storage units, stability, I was tired of it, I needed change. I knew that if I wanted this I needed to do it myself, I need to write my own story, create my own life, and then I would be happy. I needed to be the best person and student I could be if I wanted to be a successful, secure, and stressless person. I didn’t want to lose, I wanted to gain. I was ready to be the person in my family that did something big.

I didn’t want to drop out of High school like my mother, and brother, and drop out of college like my father. I held the highest standards for my education, I worked the hardest an 8th grader could to become a middle school valedictorian, and walk away with numerous awards for academics, athletics, and citizenship. I carried these values with me into high school and struggled as people began to interfere with my future. I was bullied, I begged to stay home and lost my motivation, I stayed this way for years. Now I’m so ashamed that I left false accusations written on the bathroom stall ruin my High School career, and experience. After my grades starting to fall from A’s to C’s and D’s I worried that my dream of college, my dream of a real career were slipping through my fingers. There is no better way to learn then through life experience, and through the bullying I learned much of who I am now, and where I wanted to be, and it wasn’t just away from my offenders. So I changed my life, I did a complete 360 and got back onto the right path. The issues with the bullying didn’t disappear so I made a difficult decision to leave my High...

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...llege. And as for getting involved at my college I hope to look into and join many clubs such as, Biology Club, and Pre-Vet Club. I feel that my involvement in these groups will increase my odds of getting into Veterinary College, along with my college student participation, and hopefully open doors for me in the future.

With this next chapter starting within months, I couldn’t be more excited to start this venture. I can’t wait to learn, and experience all of what college has to offer, there’s no better place to start my post high school career and to gain the education I need for my future career. I hope to accomplish much throughout my college years and gain the right knowledge to carry me into a life that I’ve dreamt and already have worked so very hard for. After the many obstacles I have had to endeavor, I know they shaped me to accomplish very big things.

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