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As I walk into the house I can see the small framed girl trying to restrain the giant ball of fluff that she calls a dog. She seems to be losing the battle, but like every battle she`s ever faced, she refuses to surrender. Despite the dark circles under her eyes and the long mass of hair that covers her face, she still sports a wide smile and a spark that hides behind her deep brown eyes. Taylor is an 18-year-old girl, who recently graduated high school and struggles with ADD, anxiety, and depression. When she brings me into her room, she plops onto her bed and begins to nervously pick at her nails. Even though it`s been a year since her mental health placed her into the hospital, she still has not told many people the full story of her experiences and as you look around her room you can tell the impact that it has had on her. Bright purple walls turned ash gray, an organized room now piled with school books and untouched syllabuses, and a calendar that was once filled with medication reminders and therapist appointments just sits there a smudgy mess. Taylor puts on a happy character, but it just takes one walk into her room to see that she still has daily struggles.
It began in 2009, when she started to go in and out of doctors` offices trying to find the cause of her digestion and intestinal issues. Six years later she was finally emitted into a hospital, where they took blood, MRI`s, x-rays, scopes, and the root of her problems were still not found. After having gone through all these tests and reaching no diagnosis Taylor became “sick of feeling sick [and] didn’t want to be here anymore.” She said that “school and family issues,” as well as “college and the ACT,” contributed to her suicidal thoughts. All of these constant str...

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...r issues. She did find she could confide in her teachers and close friends.
The commonality of the phrase “go kill yourself” has come to her awareness. When she returned to school, this phrase was uttered on numerous occasions and led Taylor to experience numerous breakdowns in the bathrooms. Her classmates didn’t say this out of contempt and anger, however, they said it with full jovialness and complete ignorance of the actual meaning of their words. Even her brother, who is fully aware of his sister`s struggles, continues to use this saying. Taylor will always be deeply disturbed by the use of suicide as a comedic punchline and she feels that “people should take into consideration and think when they say stuff like that.” Taylor knows that she is not the only one who struggles with mental health, and she knows that the use of this phrase doesn’t just affect her.

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