Essay on I 've Always Heard The Word Of There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Essay on I 've Always Heard The Word Of There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

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I’ve always heard the phrase, “There is nothing new under the sun.” but never really understood the depth of it. This became extremely apparent when I interviewed my Aunt Rhonda, who started school in the year of 1990. Conversing with my aunt was eye opening to the fact that she went through the same things on her campus that are prominent on college campuses today. Doing this interview helped me to understand that everyone has went through the same things, and that it is important to especially talk and listen to these individuals because they are very wise. Essentially, although things have evolved over times, they have also stayed the same more and more.

In the year of 1990, my Aunt Rhonda attended Central State University, a historically black university in Ohio. Rhonda liked this school very much, and felt that it was a very enlightening time in her life especially being able to meet so many new people and reside in a different state. Rhonda graduated from this school, receiving her bachelor’s degree in accounting. During Rhonda’s first weeks as a freshman, she clearly remembers not knowing anyone and feeling lonely, as she did not go to school with anyone from her high school. Sadly, there was no one Rhonda could call on and she continually ate in the dining hall alone, until finally she connected with a girl who was also alone at the school, and formed a friendship. Rhonda’s school was a very strict campus. The rules were as follows: Freshman could not have vehicles, one could not have male company in the dorms, and if you did, you had to sit in the lobby with them, and there was a 12’Oclock lock out, therefore you had to have returned back to the residence hall at Midnight, which is kind of a downer. In school, Rhonda dec...

... middle of paper ... Rhonda, I had a group of friends who graduated with me coming into Eastern. Also, one thing that is different that I’m happy about, is the visitor policy. Eastern, too, has visitor policies, but they are not as strict as her school. I do have to say, I am glad the rules are a bit more lenient in that aspect. In the trend aspect, things are definitely identical. Rap music is still enjoyable for tons of people and many girls love to wear lively colors. There are many things that contrast in what my aunt went through, and what I am currently encountering. But, there are more so things that are truly identical from then to now. Many people think that the world has truly evolved from year to year, but just simply chatting with others proves that entire notion wrong. Convincingly, there truly is nothing new is under the sun, and from the looks of it, there never will be.

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