I Think The Young Male Will Benefit From Shock Incarceration, Probation And Community Service

I Think The Young Male Will Benefit From Shock Incarceration, Probation And Community Service

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I think the young male would benefit from shock incarceration, probation and community service. Participating in shock incarceration will give him the opportunity to confront certain behaviors that are destructive to him. He will be instructed to obey certain rules and guideless with consequences if he chooses to disobey, something he as not been exposed to as a result of his constant deviant behavior. Likewise if he is under probation he will have to distant his self from drug use and association from other deviant children who might have encouraged his behavior before. Furthermore, we must give him the opportunity to construct his energy into something positive for example community service. This will hopefully deter him from destroying property that was not meant for that purpose. He needs to understand how his actions affect members of society. What better way to do this then, repay your debt to society?

2 Due to the fact that a car is a material object, one that can be replaced or repaired, the offender should restitute the victim. The victim should be made “whole” again or put back in to the situation they were before their crime occurred. Thus, the offender should be ordered to repair all damages to the car.

3. As a result of the offenders failure to appear in court I think he should receive home detention/electronic monitoring. He was granted the opportunity to work and live in his community. The same community that he stole from! Not being able to make a court appearance leads me to believe that he is still engaging in criminal behavior. For this reason the permission granted will be denied. He should be confided in his house. He will be allowed to travel in the community but for work purposes only. To ensure that ...

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...st pay a fine to the state and also pay for a Drunk Driving Education course and complete the class successfully. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in his license being taken away as well as jail time.

10. I sentence them to restitution fines (parties must also participate cleaning the damaged area up) and psychological treatment, which they will pay for. The restitution will allow the victims to repair their property that was destroyed. This forces the defendants to either maintain or look for a job, putting them in an environment where they can actually use their time constructively. Likewise cognitive-behavioral counseling is needed to shape the behavior and thinking of each defendant. This will help them think more rationally which in turn will get rid of destructive behavior. Failure to completely these requests will result in up to a year in jail.

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