I Think Learning Styles Are So Popular Essay

I Think Learning Styles Are So Popular Essay

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1A) I think learning styles are so popular because every individual has their own unique way of learning information. People learn by seeing, hearing, touching, listening and feeling. Omrod (2008) states that some cognitive styles and dispositions “do” seem to influence how and what students learn. Furthermore, students seem to learn better when information is presented through visuals, where as others may learn through words. I find this to be important because it reinforces that fact that not everyone is going to “get it”. However, the best thing to do is to tailor the information to your audience so that everyone can understand the bottom line information that’s to be given. I’ve witnessed different teaching styles from my fieldwork this week. I observed how some students could just listen to the instructions for their group project and execute the task at hand. Therefore, they learned the basis of the project just from hearing. Whereas, others needed further clarification on the instructions in order to just start the project. Also, I witnessed how a group of students were able to follow the instructions to the group project, but they were not able to understand the reason behind the project until they saw the final results of the experiment. For this, I think its imperative that educators are versatile in information delivery so that no student is left behind, and that all students have the chance to learn, understand, and retain information. From personal experience, I learned better when I heard teachers speak and saw them writing on a board. The action of seeing my professors write along with verbal reinforcement, it’s what helped me remember information.

1B) I would reconcile the popularity of learning style by adjusti...

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...ve to be simplified for him to understand it. If you tell him something once, he won’t forget it. Ever! He’s gone on to teach himself other languages on top of the two he already knows. He’s dominated different spots athletically as well. What I value the most in intelligent is its flexibility. I value the social and emotional aspects of intelligence because a person may not learn as quickly as the next person; it doesn’t mean that they aren’t “intelligent”, but have their own unique way of learning and processing information. Intelligence is something that I feel comes from within. I think that one has to “want to be intelligent” to be seen as an intelligent person. When a person places value on social and emotional aspects of intelligence, they tend to be able to empathize better with others, have good communication skills, and can help motivate and inspire others.

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