Essay about I Think About Research On College Students

Essay about I Think About Research On College Students

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When I think about research on college students, I consider all the data the university collects from them. Data is being collected every day without them even noticing. From the moment the student enrolled, all their biographic information is collected, to the moment they finish all their classes and graduate. But although they finished, the collection of data does not end there; the alumni are still contacted many times from the different development offices of the universities. I have not received calls from the Community Colleges I graduated from. I am not sure if this practice is not common on community colleges, or simply my college did not do it.
The data collected from students could be used to do many types of research. It could also be used for research about demographics, average age of students or a deeper research, like how the students’ background influenced their success in college. My knowledge of research before taking this course is vague, for me, it is basically collecting data and analyze or choose a topic and write all about it. I am eager to learn more about the different tools and experiences you can have, while learning about research.
As I mentioned before, my formal experience as a researcher has been limited to just collect the data, this was an essential task of my previous job. Before I started working at UT, I was the data compiler for the Admission and Records department at Grays Harbor Community College in Washington State. My job was to collect and extract all series of data from the student system, and provided different tables and reports to other people to analyze it. Those reports were typically used to track enrollment, student’s success and to track what cities the students were c...

... middle of paper ... honest response from my rankings, I had to do a little research about some of the research-related topic mentioned below. Some of those terms I never heard them before, but I became enthusiastic about some when I read what they mean. With this exercise, I figured that I probably would like research more than I thought I would. While looking at the meaning of those terms I never heard before, I discovered that I am probably more of a practical oriented person.
Table 1, is ranked from one to five with five being the ones I enjoyed, and number one those I struggle with. The rank between three and four, are those I would like to experience more. The terms I never heard before are as follows: Action research, focus group, descriptive statistics, regression models. I also had to look the difference between assessment and evaluation as I thought they meant the same.

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