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I Teach The Way I Was Taught Essay

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“I teach the way I was taught.” This quote usually conjures a negative picture. I will not only explain how I would teach if I did not have books, pencils, paper, or a smartboard, but also I will discuss how my teaching would change based on that scenario. I will followup with two reflections on experiences I have had, one of which was as a teacher and the other as an adult student.
In the above scenario, I would teach the following activities to successfully cover a unit on rhythm and musical notation without today 's resources. I would use popsicle sticks to create ta and ti-ti rhythms (quarter and eighth note rhythms), which is the Kodaly teaching method . Students would write rhythms in the sand and play them on body percussion. Musical notation can be created out of modeling clay and the rhythms can come from the syllables of words, such as names, days of the week or items found in the classroom. For peer tutoring, I would engage students who have just had the “aha” moment to walk around and help one other student. Even though I do not lecture much in my classes, I would remain cognizant of the amount of lecture time. I would also continue to be aware of my pacing, even though I get the students involved in an activity within minutes of the start of class. For specific examples, in a primary grade, the class would sing the “ABC” song and form the letters with our bodies. In an upper elementary grade, I would have students become human pitches and create music staff compositions. I can create activities to address fine motor skills by using five pieces of string for the music staff and bingo chips for the pitches. At the secondary level, I would have them composing original songs by ear and learning simple chords on the...

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...ed him where he learned to teach and he said he learned from another potter friend or to reaffirm “I teach the way I was taught.” It was an insightful experience to compare his teaching style with differentiated instructional techniques. This experience reaffirms that differentiated instruction is an effective teaching process. Some of the items I will focus on in improving in my teaching is the breaking down of instructions, and to minimize my tendency of flip-flopping.
In conclusion, I have found reflecting on the hypothetical scenario above and the two experiences I actually had, was a valuable endeavor. I realized how much teaching students young and old can have many of the same learning strategies applied and create successful educational experiences that will translate to others. The concept of “I teach the way I was taught” can now be one to be inspired by.

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