I Teach An Urban School At The State Of Connecticut Essay

I Teach An Urban School At The State Of Connecticut Essay

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I teach in an urban school in the state of Connecticut. My school is one of the biggest elementary schools in the district, with about 1126 students in grades pre-k through eighth grade. I teach the Dual Language program fir first grade, the Spanish Dual Language side has 21 students; all of them are Hispanic, with 19 of them being English Language Learners. The English Dual Language side has 24 students, 9 of which are English Language Learners. I see both classes daily, the Dual Language English class for about 35 to 40 minutes and the Spanish class for about 60 to 65 minutes. English skills are taught through an integration of science, social studies, math and language arts. This integration allows students to acquire their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills while being engaged and learning something that is interesting to them.
The district where my school is located at is a waterfront city with high poverty, high unemployment and a very high crime rate. This district has 30 elementary schools (which have students from pre-k through eighth grade), 6 high schools and 2 alternative schools. The majority of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Our district is going through a revitalization process. This process is helping create more stores and business to help improve employment and boost the economy in the city. As part of the revitalization process the city is building new state of the art schools to replace the old buildings and provide students with better opportunities to support academic achievement.
My school is located in the west side of the district. There are 2 elementary schools, a high schools and a charter school in the community. There are many small businesses, some of which support t...

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...nd assessment I need to consider my students’ IEPs to prepare material that aligns with the goals of their IEPs. I also need to take into consideration the accommodations these students are allowed to have and I need to honor these during instructional time and assessments. The majority of my students are English Language Learners and I need to take their needs into consideration when planning my lessons. I need to incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing into my lessons. I also need to make sure they understand and feel comfortable enough to participate. I need to make sure my lessons lower students affective filters, and provide the students with the strategies they need to develop their second language. I need to get to know all my students so I can prepare lessons that meet their needs and allow them to meet their academic, social and cultural goals.

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