I Support Lahey 's Proposition For Learning Essay

I Support Lahey 's Proposition For Learning Essay

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In When Success Leads to Failure, Jessica Lahey is faced with a tough situation involving a student, whose love for learning is fading, and a parent who does not seem to understand why. Lahey establishes that parents are starting to teach children to fear failure, and the fear is what is destroying their love for learning (Lahey). I support Lahey’s proposition that kids are beginning to hate learning because children are taught that failure is not an option. In today’s society, many teachers and especially parents push children to only strive for success and to fear failure, which results in many children’s growing hatred for learning.
Jessica Lahey, author of When Success Leads to Failure, states that students are being taught to measure success based upon the amount of points, scores, or awards received. If a child’s only concern in school is making the grades to please his or her parents, true learning is not existing. Kids are not retaining information being taught, because instead, the students are trying to do whatever is necessary to get a decent grade, and once the good grade is achieved, they feel accomplished and move on to work for the next grade and forget all the information previously learned. The pressure of “getting good grades” is what “thirty-eight percent” of students say is the “biggest stress in their life” (Pressure). Children constantly feel like they are not as good as the students around them. Brenda, a student mentioned by Mark Jacobson, declares that she gets scared and afraid that she is not good in math, which results in her not trying because she fears that she will get made fun of for making a mistake (Jacobson). Students in today’s society feel as if their success level is primarily based on the ...

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...t 's hatred for learning. Students are being taught to strive for success only and to avoid failure as much as possible. Since students are taught to fear failure, they no longer learn from mistakes because they are constantly worried with their grades and how to please their parents, which results in fewer academic risks and more stress. Mark Jacobson conducted multiple trials and concluded with research how to better the class room experience and encourage children to love and value their education. Jessica Lahey experienced a situation with a good friend and student who revealed to her exactly how parents and teachers are hindering students from the learning process. Student’s in today’s society have learned to hate school because of all that is associated with it: bad grades, the feeling of failure from parents and teachers, and the stress of coping with it all.

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