I Started Playing Travel Basketball Essay

I Started Playing Travel Basketball Essay

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In 2008, I began playing travel basketball. The practices were long and my parents usually dropped me off and then came to get me after practice was over. This, however, did not always work because practice might end early, and I would have to search for a phone to use. This forced my parents to reluctantly decide it was time for my first cell phone. For four years, I bought and recharged my minutes until I finally received a smartphone for my fifteenth birthday. The idea of being able to contact anyone or access social media at any time appealed to me and as anyone would expect, I assumed my life would be one hundred percent easier. But, it has become increasingly apparent to me that having the internet at my fingertips does not warrant an easier life.
Most teenagers including myself suffer from a major disorder: procrastination. I became aware of my procrastinator tendencies in the ninth grade when I turned five assignments in late in Earth Science for no reason. It became so worrisome that my teacher called my mother to discuss my grades and, what he deemed, laziness. My mother confronted me that following evening, and when I could not find a legitimate excuse for my late assignments, I realized I had a real problem. Over the years, I’ve used several names to excuse myself: tiredness, headaches, senioritis, to name a few. Although this incident opened my eyes, my procrastination has only gotten worse. This problem is not limited to school work. In fact, at times, my room has gone without being cleaned for several weeks; I often find myself lying on my bed, contemplating how long it can go without posing a serious health hazard to myself and my family. My obsession with my cell phone may not be the only cause contributing to m...

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...one number or snapchat username, and again, she can instantly reply. This instant gratification takes all of the work out of a relationship and decreases the quality of the relationship. It can create a relationship devoid of any real feelings and allows these relationships to become detached from the people involved. Both aspects of this effect have detrimental long term consequences that are directly related to increased cell phone use.
Having a smartphone might have seemed like a beneficial concept, but it has turned into a detrimental problem with time. The long-term effects of having information and the internet largely outweigh the benefits. If I could go back to the days of flip phones and buying minute cards, I would without question. I regret ever subjecting myself to such an addictive lifestyle that requires so much time and affects my life so adversely.

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