I Sit At Lunch : Why Do Bullies Target, And / Or People? Essay

I Sit At Lunch : Why Do Bullies Target, And / Or People? Essay

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"Everyone should be to choose, and build the type of relationship that works the best for themselves, and their partner(s)."- Macarena Eiras,
I sit at lunch, sometimes wondering "Why do bullies target , and/or people who are not the same size, gender, have the same religion, the same sexuality as them." With so many different people out there you will hardly find anyone who agrees with you word for word. A growing problem in America with this is sexuality, teachers in a certain school from Minneapolis turn the other way if a student is getting bullied, or harassed if they have any sexual preference that is not straight. This sickens me, the thought of kids getting bullied in a place where they should feel safe over something that should not be an issue. (No one should get bullied for being themselves), I (surprisingly) have been in the same boat, I 'm Asexual, following the black, gray, white, and purple upside down triangle flag. I would like to live in a world where not wanting to do anything (or anyone ;) ) is accepted. A common belief about Asexuality is "Asexuality means your 're a sex-less virgin." Which is not true it is the the lack of sexual attraction to anyone, having the same emotional needs and are capable of forming intimate relationships. "Asexuality is a myth." Komodo Dragon, Whiptail Lizards, Hammerhead Sharks, Parasitic Wasps are all types of Asexual animals. A real myth is Asexuality is a disorder that can be fixed by preforming the act of sex (even doing research I found a man telling people who are Asexual to get raped, or masturbate O.O) I blame the children of this generation, where young girls are dressing a bit promiscuous, and boys are "discovering" girls (or boys ya know) t 's hard for anyone to live wi...

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...adpt children that where in an abusive home, and will take care of them.

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Lets talk statistics,In 2011 there was a total of 3.8% of Americans considering themselves part of the LGBT group, 1.7% consider themselves lesbian, or gay, while 1.8% consider themselves bisexual, 0.3 consider themselfs as transgender. 8.2% of Americans reported engaging in same sex sexual behavior, and 11% said they had same sex attraction, than again this is just the LGBT scale. the Asexual 1% ,Pansexual 0.3% ,omnisexual 0.5%,Metrosexual (IDK). I believe the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) should consider other sexualities.

The ideas of hating on others purely because they are different is getting over rated, it might be time for pull up our big girl/boy boxer/panties and move on.
"If sex without love exists, why can 't people understand that love without sex exists too?"-Anonymous.

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