I Signed Up For Public Speaking Essay

I Signed Up For Public Speaking Essay

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I signed up for Public Speaking because I always felt anxious to deliver a presentation. Before the class, I set out three goals I that wanted to accomplish by the end of the class. The first goal was to get comfortable with public speaking. I did not know much about how to make a convincing presentation, so delivering public speeches is a skill that I lacked and felt distressing about. My second goal was to overcome public speaking anxiety. As an introvert, I get an anxious feeling when surrounded by a large group of people, and hence delivering a speech in front of a crowd was always something that I was afraid of. And finally, my last goal of the class was to get an A. Getting an A may not have many applications outside of class, but this is my way of saying to myself that I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to overcome my weaknesses, and do my best in the class to become a better speaker.
Throughout the class, I have had the opportunity to learn various aspects of public speaking, many of which have brought me closer to my goals. I learn about presenting techniques, including how to prepare an outline and organize each speech to fit its purpose. But more importantly, in class, I have made presentations on a variety of topics to the class and receive constructive comments from both the instructor and my peers. Those are the factors that guide me through the public speaking process, and by the time I delivered my last speech, I felt much more confident and comfortable. Now, I am grateful to say public speaking no longer gives me as much anxiety as it did before, and participating in the class is one of the proudest moments in my first semester of college.
The class helps me identify my own strengths as a public speaker....

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... relevant to college students to the class, describing a process effectively and logically, and making good use of visual aids. At first, I was not confident about achieving the requirements. However, applying the information I had learned in class about informative speeches enabled me to accomplish those goals, and delivered a speech that everyone thought was excellent and helpful. For this reason, this assignment was the one that I love the most, in which not only did I have to work hard, but also make amazing progress as a public speaker.
Overall, the course has taught me how to construct a compelling oral argument, a skilled that can be applied not only in public speaking but also in daily conversation. I have learned how to structure and present my points clearly and convincingly. They are crucial skills that will undoubtedly assist me in my study and my career.

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