I Signed Up For An Online Math Course Essay

I Signed Up For An Online Math Course Essay

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I signed up for an online math course. The plan was to finish by May and get to Japan in August after their summer break. Because I don’t like my plans to change (and in my defense, my mind was set to be gone for two years, starting in April), I became real bitter and dropped the course. I have never fancied math since why never matters. The numbers don’t mean anything. Slide, divide, multiply. Formulas in calculators. I missed English lectures and it was the first time I found myself not enrolled in school and I couldn’t handle the free time.
I guess, some might think I had it easy with a summer break consisting of eight months, taking a break from living by living. Except no one ever tells you how exhausting it is not doing anything. My summer consisted of reading, drinking, and writing passive-aggressive emails and poems. It was exhausting. Likewise, it was the first time in four years I found myself living back at home. One day, I counted the childhood photos of me, because that’s what college dropouts who are back at home do, and got up to twenty wanted to puke.
Pushing my bitterness aside, I enrolled in another math class at the community college where I began. At least, I could be in an actual classroom, I thought. I went in the first day, saw a projector screening what looked like five different classrooms. I wasn’t sure what to think. No one was in there, and I had five minutes before class started. I started pacing around the room, spooling out profanity, trying to figure out if I was in the wrong building. I then said something completely inappropriate and heard a sudden, “You know we can hear you!”
With my fabulous luck, I was in a “virtual” classroom with the instructor on Skype and a microphone stuck to the ceilin...

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...hoose this major. Even those technical writers who write memos. They enjoy it. Even secondary education majors. Their goal is to teach students how to love English like them. Reading and writing are annoying habits we can’t stop, and it takes consistent practice to feel like you’re getting somewhere. To end on a somewhat positive note, I learned over my hiatus that Dixie is a perfect fit for me. I’m pretty corrupt, myself. Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll sell-out sooner or later. Or hopefully my cussedness disappears. Alejandro Zambra wrote in his most recent book, "You weren 't educated, you were trained" (76). Yeah, well, I don’t see the difference, but it might be because I can’t get enough of this so-called higher education. When I sat down in class bright and early at 7:30 on Monday, realizing all of my friends had graduated, I felt lucky to still be in class.

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