I Signed Attendance, Punctuality And Engagement Agreement Essay

I Signed Attendance, Punctuality And Engagement Agreement Essay

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At the start of my study I signed Attendance, Punctuality and Engagement agreement to help me identify some of the professional areas of social work. My future work has complex and dynamic nature and not done in isolation but in a close cooperation with others. The effectiveness of this work will depend on personal self-management and ability to take responsibility for the actions (N. Thompson. 2016) as social work is an accountable profession and one of its main missions is to “uphold public trust and confidence in social care services” (N. Horner. 2006. p 111). The agreement I signed represent the developmental process of the self-management leading to professionalism and the abilities to work with people empowering them and helping to get their lives better. In this essay I will explain how attendance, punctuality and engagement relate to self-management, professional conduct and learning opportunities.

One of the key instrument of self-management is attendance which depends on how we manage personal and social obstacles. According to the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) the social worker should determine motivation and commitment to qualify and take responsibility for own learning and development. Attendance is an attitude and a behaviour people bring with them which affects every working aspect while poor attendance marks insensitivity to colleagues and unaccountability for responsibilities. In addition, attendance is among the 10 employee work ethics most valued by employers.
While working in care I had some of my co-worker 's absence creating more work for others, disrupting care provision and upsetting colleagues and clients. It was also involv...

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...or people, commitment to practice, recognition of healthy boundaries and value of collaboration and teamwork. This values contribute to learning culture and promote communication and interaction. As social workers we will need to build relationships with people, win their trust and find good ways of communicating. Social workers work with people who were traumatised, marginalised or discriminated and have high emotional structure when commitment to professional conduct and ability to follow moral obligations are important. Moreover, service users indicate the importance of the relationships with social workers as a key to successful practice. On of the service users said: “My ideal social worker would be a good listener, caring, reliable, punctual, understanding....”


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