I Should Have Spent More Time On Life And Outcome Of The Term? Essay

I Should Have Spent More Time On Life And Outcome Of The Term? Essay

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1- Reflect over the last term. What should you have done differently? How would that have impacted your life and outcome of the term?
I should have spent more time studying bio and making friends. If I had devoted more of my time to Bio I would have probably made a better grade in the class, but I felt like I already didn’t have enough time to get everything done. I also wish I had branched out more at the beginning of the year and made more friends. One of my roommates is a friend from my high school though, so I feel like I stayed in my high school friend group when I came to college. I definitely made new friends, but If I had branched out in my bio class I could have gotten to know other people and I could have formed study groups with them. This would have made my studying easier and potentially given me a better grade in bio, so I will make sure to branch out more in my classes next semester.
2- What was the best or most enjoyable social activity from last term? Why? How did it impact you? Who did it involve?
Just a few weeks ago my dorm put on a program during finals week that was probably the most enjoyable activity I have done on campus so far, but there are many others that definitely come close. This program was one of the greatest things someone could do for college students during one of the most stressful weeks of our lives. My dorm hired two masseuses to give massages, had a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream bar, stress ball maker station, and they played the movie Frozen. I signed up for a massage and it was wonderful. It took all the stress from studying for finals right out of my muscles. I also made a stress ball by filling a balloon with rice, stuffed my face with some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted, and gla...

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...together to the basketball arena. My friends went with me to the Big Backyard where they were giving away free t-shirts, but they did not want to go to the pep rally so I had to make the choice to either go back with them to the dorm or stay where I didn’t know anyone. I chose to stay and it was such a fun night! I ended up meeting new people and we went all out cheering, yelling, acting crazy getting everyone pumped for the pep rally. I ended up painting my face with a handprint and winning a free t-shirt. I was also shown on the UNCW Athletic twitter page because one of the social media photographers took a picture of me and a few other students because we were the most spirited in the gym. It was so much fun and I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to this pep rally. Here are some pictures from that night including the one that was featured online:

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