I Sat Down With And Interviewed Two Cheerleaders Essay

I Sat Down With And Interviewed Two Cheerleaders Essay

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Galbreath, Lauren. Richir, Rebecca. Personal Interview. 9 Nov. 2015.
I sat down with and interviewed two cheerleaders, Rebecca Richir and Lauren Galbreath, to grasp a cheerleader’s perspective on the “sport”. I asked them questions about their history with cheerleading, their opinions on the argument as to if cheer is a sport or not, and injuries they have received in the past. Throughout the interview they provided me with valuable information and arguments on the topic of cheerleading. Rebecca and Lauren, two cheerleaders, helped me begin to understand the other side to the argument and not approach the topic with a biased mindset. They thoroughly answered my questions on the injuries they have received from cheer, how long they have been involved in the activity, how they feel they are stereotyped, and how they would like to be represented. This interview allowed me to obtain a cheerleader’s ideas and viewpoints. However, I have to make sure to not write about the details I learned about cheer in first person. I must use phrases such as “the writer.”
Bonesteel, Matt. "Is Cheerleading a Sport? The American Medical Association Thinks So." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 10 June 2014. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.
An insightful and interesting article on cheerleading, written by author Matt Bonesteel, was posted by the Washington Post. Bonesteel explains that cheerleading was rules not a sport in court, but he then states “the American Medical Association disagrees in hopes that cheerleaders receive added safety measures and training”. I will use this article to my advantage when arguing that cheer is not a sport because the point that cheer was ruled not a sport in court is unarguable. Also, I will be able to argue that cheerleading i...

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...be an outlier, but the margin of injury differences between Rebecca, Lauren, and I just should definitely not be that wide; outlier or not. Besides, a whether an activity should be a sport or not should not be decided by the amount of injuries it causes. Renee also said that cheerleading falls under the category of a sport because it follows the definition presented by the Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors. However, I will aim to demolish this claim due to the fact that the definition is bias because it was written by the Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors, which is clearly an unfair source to receive a definition of “sport”. I will aim to find a better, unbiased source I order to refute Renee R.’s claim. However, Renee R. does an exceptional job showing the reader the side of the argument that believes cheer should be considered a sport.

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