I Remember When The Voices Diminished Essay

I Remember When The Voices Diminished Essay

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I remember when the voices diminished. I remember when the thing I loved doing most came to a sudden halt. I remember why. One simple name: Keeney. There are many reasons why they were silenced, but it all started with her. The one who told me you can’t do it and that I wasn’t good enough in just one simple action. Keeney; the reason I, to this day, continue to fight to hear them again.
It was my first day of tenth grade and after having a wonderful year of ninth grade English, I was very anxious to meet my new teacher. Finally, the 10:00 am bell rang and I began my perilous trek through the halls of Avon High School. Knowing I had six minutes to get to class was very comforting, to where shoving my way through the thick of my sweaty and loud, peers didn’t seem so stressful as it could’ve been. When I finally made it to room B116, I made a swift scan around the room. The area wasn’t very decorative unlike past teachers and the room smelled strongly of Febreze and Sharpie. In the corner sat my best friend Sam, in the other sat a group of students I didn’t necessarily care for, and in the opposite sat a rather stout woman with jet black hair; my new English teacher.
I had heard nothing about Miss Keeney, so I was entering this course blind as a bat. In the years prior, I adored the majority of my teachers. From Mrs. Kruze who gave me the top score on my timed writing, to Ms. Pelley who taught me to love any form of writing. These teachers were the reason for my passion of writing. Whether it was a creative piece or a research paper, the ability to have control over words excited me. When I looked at Miss Keeney, I didn’t get the feeling I got when I saw a new teacher. The reassurance of it being a great year was harrowingly abse...

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...s extraordinary and perhaps it will encourage me get back to doing what I truly love. However, what remains holding me back is the palpable fact that that review took an insane amount of effort. Taking nearly four hours to complete and in the end, I didn’t see myself in the writing anywhere. Almost as if it wasn’t my voice at all.
I like to blame Keeney for this loss, but in all honesty its habitually on me. I let another’s opinion alter my passion. Everyone grades differently and everyone perceives material differently as well. I should’ve known that more than anyone due to the fact that my favorite thing to do is write my opinion and share it with the public. This is truly a classic case of writer’s block and I hope for a cure. I hope for those little voices to return. I hope for an inspiration for me to write again. And most of all, I hope to find my voice again.

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