I Received A Call From My Family Essay

I Received A Call From My Family Essay

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I received a call from my sister asking me to meet with and coach her co-worker. My sister colleague asked her to loan her money for a car down payment. My sister and former client, informed her co-worker, Janet Smith, that was a bad idea, and apparently she needed help getting her finances in order. My sister told Janet of my services and the blessing that financial coaching brought to her life and marriage. I informed my sister that Janet makes the first step by calling and asking for help. Later that day, I received a call from Janet asking for help and a meeting. I asked Janet a few questions to assess if she was truly ready to change her life and mind. Janet, college educated teacher was the first to graduate from college in her family. Janet’s family gave little support in paying for her college education. Janet’s parents instilled in her a Christian upbringing. However, they viewed money and things as signs that one was wealthy and influential. For a 27-year-old with no children, her salary of $45,000 was admirable. Her mother and father combined never made $45,000, and they had four children. To Janet and her family, she was the picture of success. Nevertheless, she knew nothing regarding finances and had only $200 in a checking account with no savings. Janet survived check to check, paid a few bills and spent the remaining on clothes and things. I agreed to meet with Janet as she expressed her fear of failure and embarrassment for not understanding her finances and her decisions.
Janet arrived at my office excited and jubilant. My sister shared her testimony with Janet and how Financial DNA got her to understand her finances, to assign goals for money and live in victory. I asked Janet what where her goals? Janet expr...

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...resisted the idea of moving, however, realized that $1200 is difficult to maintain and thought of taking on a roommate. Janet’s friend, also a teacher at the school, asked to move in and pay half the rent. Janet agreed that a roommate was a good overall solution for both teachers. Our debt pay-down plan was for 12 months, and if she were faithful, she would resolve $40,435 of debt and accumulate $6,000 in savings and $3,000 in checking. I asked Janet did she feel with all the new information she was ready for a car loan? Janet stated that she had some work and debt to get from under before she was prepared to make any financial decisions. I assured Janet that starting the road to fiscal responsibility was the hardest component. Nonetheless, with every step, she moved closer to security, resources, and the ability to take care of herself which were her immediate goals.

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