I Read Your Article With Great Interest As Someone Who Teaches Business Ethics Courses

I Read Your Article With Great Interest As Someone Who Teaches Business Ethics Courses

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I read your article with great interest as someone who teaches business ethics courses and utilizes serious games in my classroom. Based on my understanding this conceptual article seeks to offer new insights for ethical leadership development using moral intuitionism, moral pluralism, and serious gaming methods. There are 6 areas in the manuscript that need further development.
1. Introduction:
a. I would like to see a succinct and strong case for why ethical leadership development is so urgently needed today before getting to definitions.

2. Literature Review:
a. Given that this is largely a conceptual piece, I feel that there are some critical gaps in the literature you cite so far. First, you should be examining research within more business ethics journals, such as the “Journal of Business Ethics,” which has a well-established teaching and learning section. I’ll note that some of the suggestions have come out very recently and might not have been available during your initial literature reviews.
b. Likewise, there are other potential articles in pedagogy journals like the “Journal of Business Ethics Education” which would support or situate your argument (See Adkins, 2011, Stumpf, 2011, & Jagger, Siala, & Sloan, 2015 below). These might be useful for examples to discuss in implications for practice. I’d like to see the piece build and speak to the ongoing conversations in management and business ethics education much more directly.
c. Building on the above statement, I’m not sure why you reference Pierce & Wooloff (2012) article since it’s not a comparison study of video games and other media. Furthermore, since you are writing for a management education audience, there are dozens and dozens of articles about movies/other m...

... middle of paper ...

... you to use an outside reader to catch these before your next submission as they are distracting from the quality of your ideas.
b. There are some formatting issues in your references (capitalization, proper italicizing & bolding, spacing, etc.). Please pay careful attention to these details in your next edits.

6. Model Representation
a. In the model “Figures” on page 38 there is an opportunity for you to highlight with coloring or formatting which aspects are new or unique that your paper contributes. Peer-coaching and feedback and reflection have been around for quite a while. Is there a way to add some adjectives about what’s distinctive with these?
In closing, best wishes with your revisions. There are some clear strengths to build on with your interdisciplinary literature, acknowledgement of critiques, evolving theory and innovative teaching and learning ideas.

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