Essay on I Performed A Miscue Analysis For Student Students

Essay on I Performed A Miscue Analysis For Student Students

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I performed a miscue analysis for Student A in order to determine her strengths and weaknesses as a reader. Student A was able to self correct while reading when something didn’t sound correct to her, she was also able to recall key details about the reading. Student A read too fast to pause at punctuation and she also had trouble making inferences about a text after reading.
While reading, when a word did not seem to make sense, Student A was able to correct on her own without having to take much time to make the correction. Student A also showed great correcting skills throughout the read aloud. When she mispronounced a word she immediately recognized that it sounded wrong and corrected it. Throughout the Jessie, Champion Skater, Student A self-corrected nine times. Each self-correction was quick and did not have an effect on her reading. She was able to move on with the reading without much delay at all. One example of this was in the sentence “Jessie began skating instruction when she was three years old.” When Student A arrived to the word “skating” she first said “skate” however right after it was said, she knew it was incorrect and fixed it to “skating”. This self-correction didn’t affect her reading, she just fixed the “skating” and continued on with the story. The self-corrections Student A made throughout the story did not affect her ability to understand the story, they were simple mispronunciations that she was able to recognize with ease.
Being able to recognize when something does not sound correct was an important skill that Student A showed throughout the read aloud. Since she is able to recognize and self-correct without affecting the meaning of the text it will help her as she reads more challenging text. As she ...

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...ory, which wanted Student A to go beyond recalling details from the text. Student A’s overall comprehension of a text may be affected by struggling to make inferences. As she beings to read more challenging text with more meaning she will be expected to answer more difficult questions in order to show her complete understanding of the text.
Overall Student A is a good reader who is developing well. She was able to successfully read a text that was at a fourth grade level without making too many errors. The meaning of the text was rarely affected by the miscues that she made. Student A has shown that she can understand what’s happening throughout the text, however she struggles with inferring about the story. She has areas to improve and thanks to this miscue analysis, instruction can be developed around those weaknesses to insure that she becomes a successful reader.

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