I Observed At Ekstrand Elementary School Essay

I Observed At Ekstrand Elementary School Essay

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At approximately 8:20 am. I observed at Ekstrand Elementary school. I observed in Mrs. Green second grade classroom. The teacher sat at a table with five students. The teacher is working with the letter IP with the students. She passed out the yellow flash card. Then she pass out the blue car which was t,f,r,c,h,j,b, and l. The teacher pass out more words for the students to combine together. She told the children to take out their textbook and turn to page 48. On page 48 was rime family words which had to columns real words and non words. The teacher told the students they had two minutes to fill out the columns. The students are sitting on bouncing balls. She sat the timer on. She ask one student what they are supposed to do. The students have to work in their textbook. The teacher said she was going to get stickers for the student for achieving their goals. She said the students had three minutes to read the words fast. She said the students had reach their goal for the day. She pull out a word which was "bit". The teacher collected the books. She moved to the next assignment which was flashcards with pictures. She ask the students were it a larger piece of cheese or bit and she ask them the meaning of bit. She tried to explain bit to them by showing them the picture of the horse which is the piece in the horse mouth is a bit. She read a sit to them. She pass the books out so they can put them up and passed out stickers to the children at the desk. She walk over to the students on the computer to see where she was at. She said she was was almost done. The students went to the classroom. At 8:47a.m. more students came into the classroom. There were four students. She wants the students to write for about 12 minutes. The students...

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...out her teaching and her lifestyle. Ms. Green has been teaching for eleven years as she mention before. Ms. Green is the resource teacher at Ekstrand elementary. She helps created the referral form for students who need IEP 's. Ms. Green said she lives in Maquoketa, Iowa she has grow up in Iowa all of her life. She is a Christian that attends her church on Wednesday night and Sunday mornings. She has two children who are 16 and 25. Ms. Green told me she works with students from different grade-level throughout the day. She said she starts from the younger students to the older students. She said she works inside of her classroom and other classroom in the building. The resource room is a room where students are pulled from their classroom to get individual help and the teacher goes inside the students classroom to work with the teacher and student.

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