Essay I Never Was A Religious Person

Essay I Never Was A Religious Person

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I never was a really religious person. I would go to church on Sunday 's like every other family in my neighborhood, not like i had a choice. The words would come in one ear and out the other. Sometimes I questioned if God was even real but that one particular Sunday changed my whole perspective on life. I was 18 years old sitting in church bored out of my mind like usual. My mother kept reprimanding me for not sitting up straight or "not having any respect". When mass was over i exclaimed "Finally, that 's over, I 'm starving!" after church me and my family would go out to eat routinely. We were on our way to the diner on James street. My mom, my dad, my brother, and I were all making our way through the parking lot and into the diner, me being the last one in. All of a sudden I heard shots, people screaming and then blood. All I saw was blood. I remember my mom crying hysterically, my little brother trying to shake me, my dad yelling "Somebody call an ambulance!" and then slowly my whole world went black. I don 't know how long i was in the darkness. I had no perception of time. I ...

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