I Never Imagined At School Essay

I Never Imagined At School Essay

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Growing up, I never imagined to be a drop out. When I was young my dream was to finish school, college and everything. Something so little can easily change causing hopes and dreams to crumble, even if it was not your fault or decision in doing so. During my sixth grade year the housing owner, my grandfather, was getting old in age. He had one of the most common forms of dementia, Alzheimer. While going to school every day my mother was slowly getting fed up with having to take care of my grandfather and our two dogs, Susie and Lucy. One day she made the harsh decision while drinking her twelve ounce Red Dog, beer, to pull me out of school even if I was only in the sixth grade, even if I did have an older brother that could help. All of her responsibilities then created pressure on my shoulders and became my responsibilities.
While being off from school my mother, who barely had a tenth grade education due to dropping out, decided to “home school” me. She went to Barns and Nobles and bought me workbooks for the main subjects, math and English. She told me I was supposed to do five pages every day. The first day of being home schooled, I was determined to do the workbooks since I didn’t want to fall behind. Grabbing the blue math workbook that had “Sixth Grade Math” on it in huge white letter, I did the first five pages. It was way too easy I thought to myself, after finishing it and waiting for my mother to check it, she never did. I knew I could get away with just changing the dates on those five worksheets. It felt like her worries were not about my education, it was not missing her soap operas and to just sit back and drink her problems away. Doing the same routine: waking up, brushing teeth and hair, bathing, then sitting ba...

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...termined they were to do good made me wish I would have convinced my mother to let me stay in school. In the summer, when we got the results back so much pressure was relieved. The school placed me into the next grade because I was just a few points away from mastery in all the subjects except social studies, in social studies I scored approaching basic.
After being scared if I was going to fail or not, I decided to put more effort into school and to stop letting everything go with the flow. My goals from that day on was to graduate high school and college, I wanted to walk across the stage. From this experience, I learned that you do not let anything come in your way with your education. Your education creates the chance of having a better future, so pursue as much as you can when it comes to going to school. Don’t let anything come between you and your education.

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