Essay about The I Never Had Success

Essay about The I Never Had Success

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I never had success
Lucas: When I started PHP Fog, for the first time ever I created a landing page. And the landing page, all it had was one or two sentences and an email box. And all I had said was, "it 's like Heroku, for PHP."

most of the time, I would skip all of these steps by the way. When I started PHP Fog I did pretty much none of the steps that I 'm recommending here. For example, PHP Fog was the first time that I actually created a landing page. Most of the time, I skipped all these steps, no bank account, no anything, I didn 't even think about ideal customers. I just had an idea, that I thought was a good idea, and as a programmer, I started building the idea.
So I did none of this, and I just said, "hmm, I think that 's a good idea," I didn 't validate if it was a good idea, I just thought it was a good idea, I thought, "I want that, so it must be something people want," or "I think that 's clever, so I think I 'll build it, and other people will sign up for it." So I would do that, I would spend weeks or months and I would do this on the side, it would be my night project.
Most of the time, pretty much 90% of the time, I would work on something, I 'd program it for a few weeks, get bored, and I would give up on it. So it never even saw the light of day. Then 10% of the time, I would finish it, and launch it, and nobody would sign up. Nobody would be interested, and then I 'd give up. And I did that for so many years it 's kind of embarrassing.
So the first time I did anything different than that was with PHP Fog, and with PHP Fog, same thing with every other time, I had an idea, so I said, "Oh, I 've got an idea, Heroku 's really cool platform is a service for developers to build apps easier, that 's awesome." I ...

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...illion and being acquired.
Woman: Right.
Lucas:And it 's not an accident. I never spent money marketing. I didn 't have to because the whole idea the entire time was something people already wanted and were already looking for.
Woman: Yes, yes.
Lucas: That really changed my entire life. So creating a landing page, do it! A lot of people are actually scared of this part. They 're terrified, and I understand why. They don 't want to find out. The worst thing in their head, and this is back to the psychology, the worst thing in their head is if people realize that their problem isn 't a hair on fire problem, that nobody cares and nobody wants to sign up. They don 't want to know that. There 's this denial aspect, people can actually get scared, they think, "Well, I believe in this idea so much that I don 't want to know that people don 't care about it as much as I do."

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