Essay on I 'm Walking Toward The Dark Brown Metal Letters

Essay on I 'm Walking Toward The Dark Brown Metal Letters

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I’m walking toward the tinted black, glass doors. Above me, I see a sign reading “San Diego Public Library” in dark brown metal letters. My dad brought my sister and me here because our teachers assigned us to read books; I’m in fourth grade, she’s in fifth. I don’t mind because I get to choose what novels I read, as long as they are within the grade level I tested for. Going in I’m not really sure what to expect, the only other library I had been in is the small one at my elementary school. I stand about 2 feet from the doors, when they automatically slide open. As I continue forward, I see a wide, but short, hallway with a tall rectangular box settled against the left side of the tan wall. The bottom half of this box is a bronzed color metal, whereas the top part is glass encasing a small, red, toy-like carrousel. Underneath the glass, there is a small red button. Once I push the button, the carousel lights up and begins turning, like one you’d see at a fair. I’m very mesmerized by the display, though it does seem out of place, and I’m excited to see what else the library has in store.
The entrance leads up to several tables topped with computers; following that are several library workers standing behind a long, dark brown counter. To the right of the building there are wooden chairs tucked into several wooden tables. I look to my left and see shelves upon shelves filled with hundreds of books. I walk eagerly to the shelves, hoping to find at least one book that I’ll like. After fifteen minutes of searching I end up with two books in my hand. I really found at least twenty, but my dad told me to pick two for now.
My sister and I brought our books to the check-out counter, where we were greeted by an older lady. I studied her...

... middle of paper ...

...y it again? I unlocked my white iPhone 5s and pressed on the iBooks icon, I remember seeing this app when I first got the phone. I downloaded a few free books and read them all. Before I knew it I had purchased and read almost 100 books. I can’t believe I forgot how invested I get into the stories. Reading helped me relieve stress, forget about my problems, and keep me entertained for hours. I continued to read novels throughout the rest of high school.
After graduation, I moved back in with my dad, obtained a job, and started college. Occasionally, my dad and I still go to the library together, as I remain an avid reader. I feel fortunate that something as simple as reading a book could make me feel ten times better. For those who are unhappy, stressed, or even just bored should reflect on what made them content in the past; or possibly try reading as an escape.

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