I 'm For A Job After College Essay

I 'm For A Job After College Essay

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“I’m entitled to a job after college.” – Every delusional college student that is in debt. “I’m entitled to you acting and speaking like a professional. I am entitled. ” – Every employer who employs the delusional in-debt college student.

A long term friend, Danny Pina from Tucson Arizona, once told me at the impressionable age of 16 that we as Homo sapiens are entitled to nothing. My step-father, which is not like a step-father and more like a Dad, once told me during my childhood years that god has a plan… Working in the background in mysterious ways to give you entitlement to something out of the gift of life. His son died on the cross for our sins son, and god has the universe made in a simplistic way: That even if I lose my job, home, you… I still have my knowledge, memories and wisdom.
Of course, at age 7, listening to my drunken father, after Dallas Cowboys lost; I had no idea what he was talking about. Both of us sitting on his front porch, staring out into the empty street which represented the empty, cloudy, Sunday night sky. All I remember was that I asked “Why is my pee yellow.” He was just in a trance of depression from the horrible mixture of The Cowboys losing, attending his unchanging, dull environment of Target tomorrow as a team manager, and the poison he was digesting: Bud Light. Once you reach that trance of drunkenness, you know you’re not doing anything tomorrow. He called in sick that Monday morning. When you are in that state of drunkenness you think and feel you are in reality, but all you are doing is a self-psychoanalysis of yourself. Eating yourself inside out and thinking everyone is asking you the question that’s floating around in your head; but all it is… is just a thought. That’s when people s...

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...tton up shirt, wanting more, newly grad going to fit in my everyday life?” Great minds think alike, but using the same minds for the same thing will create no creativity, only productivity. This entitlement is only implemented if we as living organisms are fortunate enough to live into adult, coming of age life. What entitlements does the hidden depth teenager, who doesn’t live past 16 years of age have? What entitlements does a 95 year old, isolated, consumer of space on this lone earth, woman have? What entitlements does a new born infant have? I believe in the fact that we as living organisms, living in this infinite universe we believe is infinite because we can only see so far, are entitled to our present. We live only in the present; past and future is nothing but a dream. When living organism die… When living organisms are dead, we are entitled to a mystery.

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