Essay on I 'm A Positive Go Getter

Essay on I 'm A Positive Go Getter

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I 'm a positive go-getter. At a young age I was surrounded by inspiring leaders in my family, diverse cultures, and a firm spiritual background. These three elements mixed together made me the person I am today.

My mother is one of my biggest supporters and critics. As a single mother, she raised me in the West Indian community in Bronx, New York; Kingston, Jamaica; and finally Bergen County, New Jersey. She is strict and loving all in one.

I watched her gracefully manage a successful career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before resigning to complete her college education. I remember it like it was yesterday; I attended my mother’s graduation from Pace University in New York and then quickly headed back to New Jersey to attend my high school senior prom the same day.

My mother and I are very close—I’m an only child—and watching her overcome obstacles as a parent and as a businesswoman has inspired me. I admire her assertiveness and willingness to help others. When I face battles in my life I don’t call my mother to help me out of it, as young people often do, I call he...

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