I Love the Movie, Forrest Gump Essay

I Love the Movie, Forrest Gump Essay

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Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. I have seen hundreds of movies, all of which seemed alike and predictable. The writer of Forrest Gump did an awesome job creating a completely unique main character and plot. There are so many things that make this movie as great as it. First, viewers are captivated by the childhood relationship of the two main characters. Forrest continuously pines over Jenny as the movie takes us on a journey through historical events. The classic nature of the moral lessons the movie teaches, the charming love story, and the way actual historical events are depicted in the movie Forrest Gump are what I have chosen to write about in my review.
There are numerous moral lessons in the movie Forrest Gump. The extremely simple minded main character teaches viewers that you never know what life may throw your way. The creators of Forrest Gump did an excellent job relaying these messages to the audience by making them easy to understand. Forrest Gump captivates the audience with his childlike way of thinking. It is clear from the beginning of the movie that Fo...

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