Essay on I Love My Grandmother - Original Writing

Essay on I Love My Grandmother - Original Writing

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I used to love my grandmother. I know she really loved me, but maybe my grandmother just didn’t know how to love. She mentally abused my brother and I, by constantly nagging and criticizing us, and she also abused us physically by today’s standards, and with her friends she would talk bad about them as soon as they left her door. She especially nagged us when we were eating, but we put up with it because she was such a good cook. She also had some good points. She would give us kisses and hugs, rock and sing to us, and give us money. I think she really never had a chance to be a kid. She told me that her mother deserted her when she was very young and she had to take over her mother’s role of taking care of her little brother, and cooking and cleaning. I think my grandfather and my grandmother both, had to grow up too soon. When my grandfather was only 13 years old, he went on a boat all by himself from Lithuania to go to the United States. He got a job on the railroad, and later married my grandmother. After that, he became an alcoholic.
My grandmother called herself religious, and she went to church every single week. One day after church, she went in the basement of their house, and found my grandfather dead. She said the people that took him to the morgue were amazed that he could set up that shot gun so good to shoot. I was surprised that my grandmother chose to stay in that house, but she always said, “Don’t be afraid of the dead, it’s the living you have to be worried about. I wondered if we were going to hear strange noises in the house, but we never did.
I stayed with my grandmother a lot, and when I was still young my grandmother introduced me to the Ouija board. It was a fun game. I don’t think she reali...

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...ringer!” And all of a sudden, my bedroom door slammed shut. Then I held my arms up in the air and said, “I won’t sue Jerry springer, I won’t sue jerry springer”, like in the wizard of Oz, where the lion held up his hands, and said, “I do believe in witches, I do believe in witches.”
A couple years later, I was going to a church meeting out of town. The leader told us that God sees us without sin because Jesus died on the cross for us. She demonstrated this statement by holding up a pencil with a Kleenex over it. When I left the meeting, I was thinking about the past and beating myself up for mistakes I made. Then I looked to my right and there appeared to be something on the other side of the window. I thought to myself, “It looks like I ghost.” Then, I thought again, and I remembered the pencil and the Kleenex that was shown to me at the meeting.

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