Essay I Listen With Conversations And The Tap Of Phones

Essay I Listen With Conversations And The Tap Of Phones

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I listen to conversations and the tap of phones. People have become absent from the world, attached to these new ways of communicating. These shiny new machines that record every moment of their lives. Its heart breaking, how distracted they are. They will probably miss the best parts of life. I can remember when train journeys used to be an adventure, when it was exciting to look out of the window and chat to people sitting next to you. My mind flashes back to my small daughter sitting on my lap in awe and amazement at the blur of scenery that the train passes. I hold her tight and answer her many questions along the journey. Those are the memories that have stayed with me for a lifetime. Such small interactions but they turn into something to cherish. Who really remembers something as insignificant as a phone call or a text? If you have important news, tell people face to face. The feeling you get from seeing someone’s reaction and having the enjoyment or even sadness from what you tell them will change and shape the way you view the world.
People think they have a grip on reality, but instead they are just existing in it. Parents ignore their children, friends ignore each other and families just co-exist. I can look around and no one interacts with each other. The people around me are reading their papers or on their phones or other gadgets tapping away. No emotion, no enjoyment and no connection. Even my own daughter sitting across from me can’t be bothered to talk to anything other than the gadget in her manicured hand. What happened to that innocent little girl in my memory? I smile at her, she doesn’t even glance at me. I can’t compete with technology. There is no comparison between the thing you share your whole life wit...

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...tep. Even though the sun is blaring down it is still certainly winter. I notice children running about picking up their feet with every stride and stepping down with ease, I smile at their joy.
The Little girl who my daughter used to be, running and laughing. Looking at me in admiration while I walk silently behind a woman who doesn’t know how I’m feeling. My feet slow and I’m dragging behind her fast pace. No point in trying to keep up. We arrive at the palace, I smile and remember the day we had years ago.
‘Emma’ I say as my knees buckle, I stagger and crumple to the floor. I hear muffled shouts as someone notices I’ve fallen. Someone asks if I’m okay but I can feel myself losing a sense of where I am. My eyes close and I imagine a little girl grabbing my hand and pulling me along the road, excited to see where the Queen lives.
I hear the clip clop of her heels.

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