I Led A Group Of Fellow Students Essay

I Led A Group Of Fellow Students Essay

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For my project, I led a group of fellow students, both from my class and outside of class, to assist the local not-for-profit museum to get ready for its seasonal opening. The idea for this project came from its being mentioned by Dr. McClellan as a choice that in the past has been an extremely cooperative institution with students completing this project. It further appealed to me because of my love of history, and my curiosity as to what it may hold, as I had not heard of this museum, and was surprised that such a small town as Frostburg would have a museum of its own. This project was important to me for three reasons, first, as I am sure every other student in the class did as well, I hoped to gain the best grade possible on the project which forms a large portion of my course grade, so I took it very seriously. Second, I relished the opportunity to hone my skills as a leader in a peer centered lower pressure environment. And lastly, I do truly get enjoyment from helping small organizations, specifically not-for-profits, continue to exist and remain relevant in an ever increasingly profit driven and globalized world.
I had four major goals when setting out to complete this project, two qualitative, and two quantitative. The two qualitative goals were to foster a sense of purpose among group members, and to leave the museum in a better position to open than when we first arrived, respectively. With regards to the first, it was really aimed at both myself, and my followers, because seeing the purpose in something, allows one to be more devoted to the task, and the others completing the task alongside you. As for the second, which was really aimed at the project itself, and the client organization, our main stakeholder, as their...

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...eason, then, that I exhibited middle of the road leadership, is because I showed concern for my followers, and welcomed their input on all matters, and even on the task undertaken when skills alone could not be the determining factor. I also put extreme importance on production, and quality thereof, but I rank both of these as moderate, because I allowed them to interfere with one another, rather than build upon one another to form the most effective team leadership style (Lussier & Achua, 2007). Part of the factor here was also time, this team was not in existence for a long time, and relationships between followers could not become very deep, aside from relationships that had occurred outside of the project environment, but even in this case, those relationships being not of a working nature, could not be expected to produce the most efficient teamwork right away.

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