I Learned For A School Change

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I learned how to write in kindergarten and the only thing I could read for a while was my name. I eventually started to write other words by copying them from whatever they were written on/in. While I couldn’t necessarily read most of them, I was pretty good at copying what I saw and acting like I could, then I learned how to read cereal boxes when they said there was a toy inside. At one point, I switched schools and learned how to write legibly, which helped, because nobody could ever read a thing I wrote and I still have that problem sometimes. A few years and another school change later and I was reading like a pro from those little stories from reading textbooks that we had to learn. When second grade came and went, I had started to frequent the library and pick up books from the Junie B. Jones and Magic Treehouse series; I went through those books like they were funnel cakes. Then came the awkward period where, in third grade, the class couldn’t write in anything but cursive. That was really a trial, because some of the letters were pretty damn impossible. I was considered a kid who lived in the library, reading all of the fiction books I could and getting the books that were marked for higher grades. The AR tests didn’t show it, but I read a lot (honestly, I think people just looked up summaries and wrote stuff down to cheat on those because I never saw anyone actually reading). For a few years, when I didn’t have access to a library, I didn’t read anything at all. When I was able to get to books again, I flocked to everything that dealt with magic, angels, mystery, just any book whose pages held things that seemed impossible. The world of fantasy let me slip out of this one and enjoy a place where everything and nothing w... ... middle of paper ... ...nd processes of other writers reminded me about what it was like to first write something, confusing and difficult. At times, I tore things to shreds, songs, poems, write-offs, because it didn’t look right or because I messed up in some major way. Most of the time I didn’t know about correct punctuation and grammar and didn’t care until it got drilled into my head that it was important. I have come to enjoy writing, regardless of all the things that I hated about it in school, and it’s a major part of myself. I think that if I didn’t write or read once in a while, I’d be too bored to do anything else during the day. My literary adventure started when I picked up a crayon and scribbled the first ‘I’ in my name, it progressed when I copied down a few words, and went further when I read a sentence out of a book. That adventure will continue as I learn and write more.

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