I Learned A Lot From Interviewing The Coach Maldonado Essay

I Learned A Lot From Interviewing The Coach Maldonado Essay

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I learned a lot from interviewing the Coach Maldonado. The main thing I got out of this interview was something I was taught growing up. The outcome depends on how much work you put into doing a task. It’s not something I really learned from Coach Maldonado but it reenforces the idea. I like this idea because if you 're not going work hard for something then why should you expect great results as an outcome. The harder you work for something the more rewarding it becomes at the end. Now a days if you want to become great, it takes a lot of work and time. Professionals didn 't screw around in college and expect to be professional over night, no they worked hard to get at the level they 're at.
I agree with Coach Maldonado some most of these questions. To me the role of sports in society is for men and women of all ages to grow and develop and be responsible members of society and the community. Sports can bring a community together as long as it doesn 't become the religion of who we are as christians. It also gives us a different setting to interact with each other and learn from one another so we can become better as a whole. Coming together as a community and being able to learn and have fun is probably one of the most important aspects to me when it comes to sports. There should be no reason that parents have to get into arguments because of a call a referee makes in their child 's game. Also sports have become a bigger deal in society then just about fun and learning the sport. A great deal of it, at the higher level has so do with economics and social status’. Players with exceptional talent are now seen in commercials and have huge salaries to play sports or even at the college level earn scholarships to get into colleges f...

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...e need to pay attention to our intentions and make sure we’re doing things for the right reason and not because of the money.
The most important thing I learned from this experience is to keep my intentions right. I want to make an impact in the community and in the lives of others, but I have to make sure I’m dong whats best for the community and not myself. If I’m in it for the money obviously my intentions are in the wrong place and I need to go back to God to see where I should turn to next. If I don 't have discipline in my life, how can I help to discipline others in sports and help them in every day life challenges. I’m not going into sports for myself, I’m going into this area to give the glory to where it belongs and that belongs to God. I wouldn 't be in this field if it wasn 't for God, so I need to keep my intentions focused and God and he’ll do the rest.

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